What's up? I'm Shakfox - a.k.a Zimm. Once upon a time, the gang and I ran a little crew called Baltimore City Ravers. You may not have heard of us, but if you did, then you certainly remember the good ol' days.

We all went through some things. The old crew has splintered and everyone has seemingly gone their seperate ways. But a couple of us got together recently and decided that maybe things aren't quite done.

We want to make some changes. We still think PLUR has a fighting chance out here in the DMV.

We are talking real rave vibes. We are talking Groove. We are trying to form a Groove Unit. No hype beasts or macho bouncers - no selfish hedonism or commercial club culture.

We want that deep bass at midnight - those soft pads at a sunrise. True selves colliding at in a place beyond reality.

Rhythm over Everything!

Except we can't do it alone...

This is an open call to all you beat-mongers out there who are as hungry as us to make it happen. We are looking for DJs, Producers, Visual Artists, Stagehands, Urban Explores, Van Drivers, Philosophers, Alchemists, Firestarters, and most critically - Proprietors of Open Spaces.

If you remember how it used to be or never got to know what it was - hit us up.

Groove is coming.